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25x10.00-12/4TL 41J Maxxis Cheng Shin C-828 - [90120410]
ATV with E-marking, Aktion
[90120410] - 25x10.00-12/4TL 41J Maxxis Cheng Shin C-828
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Technical data ^
Speed index100 km/h Tyre external diameter new645 mm
Optimum pressure0.35 bar Tyre external diameter in use
Load index 1 single41 J Tyre width new252 mm
Load index 1 twin Tyre width in use
Load index 2 single Cross section relation
Load index 2 twin Carrying power single tyres, non-drive
Tread circumference1972.3 mm Carrying power twin tyres, non-drive
Semi-static diameter295.3 mm Carrying power single tyres, drive wheel145 kg
Base width Carrying power twin tyres, drive wheel
PR4 Wheel rim dimensions (diameter in inches)12
Tyre size25x10.00-12 Wheel rim dimensions 1 (diameter in inches)7.5
TL/TTTL Wheel rim dimensions 2 (diameter in inches)8.0
TreadC-828 Wheel rim dimensions 3 (diameter in inches)8.5
Tread depth Wheel rim dimensions 4 (diameter in inches)
Lug pair BrandMaxxis
Lug width Clothing Size
Lug height design of stud holes
Total tire volume (liters) stud hole diameter0
Total contact area (cm2) stud hole reduction
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