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Mitas ( Continental )

Item Number Description Description 2 Lieferbereit Price Quantity
Special offer 22100200 5.00-10/2PR TT Sava B17 (AS) Tractor Front and Tractor Small Tyres
29080100 4.00-8/ 2PR TT Mitas TS-01 (AS) Tractor Front and Tractor Small Tyres
29080620 5.00-8/ 8PR TT Mitas FL-08 (without flap) Fork Lift
29100200 4.00-10/4PR TT Mitas IM-06 Implement Non Traction Tyres
29120110 5.00-12/ 6PR 76/66 A6 Mitas TS-02 (AS) Tractor Front and Tractor Small Tyres
29120566 6.5/80-12/6PR TT Mitas TS-06 (AS) Tractor Front and Tractor Small Tyres
29120600 5.50/5.20-12/10PR TT Mitas SNOWTRAC Snowcat
29120685 7.00-12/14PR TT Mitas FL-02 (without flap) Fork Lift
29120690 7.00-12/ 14PR TT Mitas FL-08 (without flap) Fork Lift
29120900 250/75-12/ 20PR TT Mitas FL-08 Fork Lift ( 27x10-12 )
29130100 6.00-13/10PR TT Mitas SNOWTRAC For snowcat (610x145-13)
29140200 6.5/75-14/4PR TT Mitas TS-02 (AS) Tractor Front and Tractor Small Tyres
29140300 6.3-14/10PR TT Mitas SNOWTRAC For snowcat (645x160-14)
29150624 7.50-15/ 16PR TT Mitas FL-08 (without flap) Fork Lift
29153325 10.0/75-15.3/14PR TL Mitas TR-03
29170110 15.0/55-17/10PR TL Mitas IM-04 (AW) Implement Non Traction Tyres
29170118 15.0/55-17/14PR TL Mitas IM-04 (AW) Implement Non Traction Tyres
29180200 12.5-18/12PR TL Mitas MPT-04
29180217 12.5-18/12PR/131G TL Mitas MPT-03
29180430 405/70R 18/ 156B TL Mitas EM-01 Earthmover
29180500 12.5/80-18/16PR TT Mitas IM-04 (AW)
29180600 12.0/75-18/12PR TL Mitas TR-11 Implement Traction Tyres, Prices on request
29180700 12.0/75-18/12PR TL Mitas TR-03
29180840 335/80R 18/132G TL Mitas EM-02
29195550 18-19.5/16PR/156D TL Mitas MPT-02
29200110 12.5-20/10PR TL Mitas MPT-01 (AS) Multipurpose / special offer
29200250 10.5-20/10PR 128G TL Mitas MPT-05
29200535 9.00-20/14PR TT Mitas NB41 truck
29200600 405/70-20/14PR TL Mitas MPT-01 (AS) refer to Alliance 323
29200620 405/70-20/14PR TL Mitas MPT-03
29200670 365/80R 20/ 141B/153A2 TL Mitas EM-01 Earthmover
29200680 405/70R 20/ 143B/155A2 TL Mitas EM-01 Earthmover
29200700 405/70-20/14PR TL Mitas MPT-04
Special offer 29200730 11.00-20/18PR TT Mitas Compactor Smooth Tractor Grader, Roller Tyres
29200750 13/80R20/164A3 TT Mitas Compactor Roller Excavaror Radial Tyres
29200900 14.5-20/12PR TT 136G Mitas MPT-05 Multipurpose Unimog / special offer
29200930 16.0/70-20/14PR 148D TL Mitas MPT-02
29200940 16/70-20/14PR TL 145G Mitas MPT-05 (405/70-20) Multipurpose
29225400 550/60-22.5/16PR TL Mitas TR-08
29225800 18-22.5/16PR TL Mitas MPT-06
29225910 385/65R 22.5/ 161F TL Mitas AR-01
29240500 405/70-24/14PR TL Mitas MPT-01 (AS)
29240602 15.5/80-24/14PR reinf. TL Mitas TR-01 (AS)
29240610 15.5/80-24/16PR TL Mitas TR-01 (AS)
29250420 15.5-25/12PR TL Mitas NB-57
29260050 23.1-26/10PR TL 158A8 Mitas UK-5 Tractor Drive and Tractor Industrial Tyres
Special offer 30040500 4.00-4/2PR Continental AS-Farmer
30120100 11.0/65-12/8PR TT TD-10 Mitas
31170390 440/50R 17/135D TL Continental All-Ground
31170400 425/55R 17/134G TL Mitas AC70 G
Special offer 561040100 4.00-8/2R TT Mitas B12 (AS)
561100500 5.0-10/2PR TT Mitas TS-03 (AS) Tractor Front and Tractor Small Tyres
561150300 240/70-15/8PR 115A8 TL Mitas B3
561153324 10.0/75-15.3/10PR TL Mitas TS-05 (AS) Tractor Front and Tractor Small Tyres
561153900 11.5/80-15.3/14PR TT Mitas TR-03 refer to Alliance 317
561200400 360/70R 20/ 120A8/120B TL Mitas AC70 T
561200500 375/70R 20 MPT/134G TL Mitas AC70 G
561200600 420/65R 20/ 125D/128A8 TL Mitas AC65
561240300 360/70R 24/ 122A8/122B TL Mitas AC70 T
Special offer 566160200 285/80R 16/126G TL Mitas AC70 G
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