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The company Profi Pneu AG was founded in March 1998. Our aim was to be a good partner for the tyre trade trade, carrying a large and efficient range of tyre stock. Our service, rarities and ability to deliver are only some of the advantages from which our customers have benefitted.


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Since the early days, our staff has grown from one person to 18 employees today. Among the 7 women and 11 men, there are 9 full-time and seven part-time employees, a commercial apprentice and an apprentice in the area of logistics.

Our 5000m2 high-rack warehouse stores about 6000 different kinds of tires, 500 sorts of hoses and tire flaps as well as 300 types of series-production tires. They are operated by a chaotic inventory management system; "first in, first out". The oldest tires are guaranteed to be released first.


We display of a modern stacker lift truck, as well as a packing station for the delivery of our tires. Nowadays, we supply about 3000 wholesalers throughout Switzerland; about 65% in the German, 25% in the French and 10% in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.

Our consistent delivery ability as well as a growing range of products, help the company to become more and more established. Our clients can order their goods by telephone, fax or on the Internet. The tire data and pictures are available to everyone in our quadrilingual webshop ( An access code allows you to order online 24/7.

We supply our customers 5 times a week, following the motto "order today, get your goods tomorrow". The end user can order our tires from the specialized dealer.


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Profi Pneu AG | Gewerbestrasse 6 | Postfach 4553 Subingen | Tel: 032 626 55 55 | Fax: 032 626 55 56